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By Virginia Henderson

Welcome to Ludicrous

 Mystery / 262 views / Popular


***Finalist in the 2018 Book Talk Radio Club Awards- Thriller Category****

All Aboard!

Allow me to be your personal guide to Ludicrous, a whimsical and seemingly innocent town where not everything is as it seems. Take the butcher for instance. He’s a vegetarian. And there’s the exterminator, he’s positively petrified when it comes to bugs. However, there’s also the decrepit mayor and his villainous wife with a hidden agenda…

I invite you to follow along with Priscilla Pinwick, an uptight, rude, and prideful woman, as she travels to this town. What could possibly go wrong?

***Includes a free sample of The Beast, a terrifying tale that crosses the line between one man’s imagination and the brutal truth.

Great for readers of dystopian comedy, whimsical towns, and strong female characters.

Praise for Welcome to Ludicrous:

…On page 43, things went from eye-rollingly-goofy to downright dark and weird, and I was suddenly glued. I like whimsy, but I love weird. I was utterly hooked at this point. If you had told me, when I started reading, that this overly quirky story about a town called Ludicrous where the butcher is a vegetarian and the florist is too allergic to flowers to sell them is actually a dystopia, I would have laughed in your face. Then I would have been ashamed.” -M. L Little, author of Seventh Realm Trilogy

“…This was a great story and I would totally recommend it. The story was a quick read that grabbed my attention from the start through to the end. The main characters had great development throughout the book and interesting back stories….”- Jenna

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