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By Virginia Henderson

The Log Off Trilogy #2: Masquerade

 Mystery / 193 views / Popular


Every character has a story…this is Mark’s.

Growing up with a father in law enforcement, Mark Walter knew without a doubt that he wanted to be a policeman when he grew up. Nothing could dampen that dream, even after his father’s unexpected murder. Mark comes to find that the life of a rookie isn’t easy. Aside from the harmless pranks, and learning lessons the hard way, Mark’s field train officer proves to be stern and unwelcoming; showing no mercy when it comes to dealing with the new guy.

Everything changes when Mark unintentional stumbles upon a dangerous case. His life takes a dramatic twist when he is asked to go undercover and solve a case that has left the most experienced of agents, baffled. A climatic masquerade ball, desperate art thieves who will stop at nothing, and a young undercover rookie. Masquerade is full of mystery and drama. Find out just who the pawns and kings are when identities are revealed on All Hallows Eve.


Intrigue! Suspense! Three short, peculiar mysteries that will puzzle the mind and keep you guessing. Murder in Crestville, USA– When a death in a small

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