By Virginia Henderson

The Log Off Trilogy #2: Masquerade

 Mystery / 48 views


Every character has a story…this is Mark’s.

Growing up with a father in law enforcement, Mark Walter knew without a doubt that he wanted to be a policeman when he grew up. Nothing could dampen that dream, even after his father’s unexpected murder. Mark comes to find that the life of a rookie isn’t easy. Aside from the harmless pranks, and learning lessons the hard way, Mark’s field train officer proves to be stern and unwelcoming; showing no mercy when it comes to dealing with the new guy.

Everything changes when Mark unintentional stumbles upon a dangerous case. His life takes a dramatic twist when he is asked to go undercover and solve a case that has left the most experienced of agents, baffled. A climatic masquerade ball, desperate art thieves who will stop at nothing, and a young undercover rookie. Masquerade is full of mystery and drama. Find out just who the pawns and kings are when identities are revealed on All Hallows Eve.

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