The Accidental Cases of Emily Abbott, #6: Once Upon a Dime


 Mystery / 267 views


It’s all coming to a head… or tails.

Emily Abbott is accidentally in danger. Targeted by the 10,000, a mysterious group of rogue spies, she’s been relocated to a safe-house, placed under the protection of an ICS agent, and given a new, temporary job in a political campaign’s call-center.

But when Brent calls her in a panic to say a bomb threat has been made against the campaign, she can’t help but become involved. As the threats ramp up, stolen RFID tech disguised as a pair of dimes shows up in Phoenix.

Is it a coincidence? Emily doesn’t think so.

What are the 10,000 planning? Only time will tell, and once the dimes are used, time is something Emily and Brent don’t have.

“The Accidental Cases of Emily Abbott” is a series of clean spy-comedies set in Phoenix, Arizona.

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