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By P.D. Atkerson

Minor Detail (A Typical Book 1)

 Mystery / 325 views / Popular

When Modern Rule made their plans to force the President’s hand, they didn’t know they needed to factor in the possibility of a kid getting in their way.

As far as the President’s son knows, Neil Mose Garrison is just an average teenager that he’s befriended. Little does he know, he’s not the one who chose Neil as his friend. And under the surface, Neil may be more than he seems.

Thrown into the position of being the only thing standing between the President’s son and the terrorist after him, Neil soon finds himself putting all his training to use as he’s tested beyond anything he’s been through before.

Will he be enough to keep the President’s son alive long enough to get to safety? Or will the shadows of London be the place where they both die?

James Bond has nothing on him but age.

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