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By Michelle Wright

To Save a Life

 Romance / 224 views / Popular


Shocked by the news of her recurring lymphoma, instead of looking forward to Christmas, Kayla Montgomery sees a difficult road ahead. It has to be a secret; she couldn’t bear the idea of her colleagues treating her differently because of it. All she wants is to do her job at the local library, and otherwise live her life in peace. Now she’s faced with a dilemma.

The only place Ben Beaulieu ever sees Kayla outside of the library is at church. When presented with opportunity to spend more time with her, he can’t pass it up—even as it leads him to unexpected circumstances.

Rather than lose herself to her worries, Kayla launches a fundraising campaign to help child-focussed charities and cancer research. Ben, her best work friend and secret crush, fully supports her campaign. Trusting him with her newfound passion is easier than trusting him with her burdens and with her heart. Her faith may be strong, but what will it take to find her courage?

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