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By Mary Mecham

Laurel of Locksley: An Enemies-to-Lovers Bodyguard Romance

 Romance / 259 views / Popular


Laurel is slowly falling for her sworn enemy. Doing so may come at the cost of her father’s life… or her own.

Laurel, daughter of Robin Hood, refuses to live in her father’s shadow. But a single life-altering mistake while on a mission for the Merry Men results with Laurel imprisoned by the Sheriff of Nottingham. Too spirited and dangerous for most of the Sheriff’s men to handle, Laurel ends up chained to Baron, a ruggedly handsome bodyguard too wily to be outwitted and too strong to be overpowered.

During her bid for freedom, Laurel realizes that if she isn’t careful, she may have her heart stolen before she can escape from her chains. When the Sheriff of Nottingham uses her as bait in a trap laid for her father, Laurel must choose between the Merry Men to whom she has sworn her allegiance or the love of a man loyal to the Sheriff she has fought against her entire life.

This romantic adventure continues the legend of Robin Hood in a tale full of danger, forbidden love, and heroic deeds. If you enjoy strong female characters, snarky wit, and swoon-worthy romance, let this merry band of characters steal your heart!

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