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By C.K. Johnson

Bidding on the Fireman

 Romance / 230 views / Popular


He wants all her dreams to come true. She doesn’t want to be the reason his don’t. Can they find their happily ever after or will their relationship go up in flames?

Jackson Reilly is used to women using him as a stepping stone. It happens when you’re best friends are millionaires. But when Leah needs help, he’s about to find out that putting his heart on the line is scarier than running into a burning building.

Leah Cooper is a nurse by day, but dreams of starting a charity to help struggling new moms. A service her own mom needed. After Jackson helps her start reaching for her dream, will she be able to do the same for him?

If you like romantic comedy, meddling friends, and a touch of modern fairytales, you’ll love this sweet romance.

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