By Michelle Wright

Heartbeats 'til Christmas

 Romance / 80 views


A writer, journalist, and photographer, Calla’s plan for getting through this Christmas is to keep busy. Too busy, according to her family and friends. When a secret Santa shows up around town, her curiosity is piqued. Now following the scoop of the season in her beloved little town of Star Creek, she is compelled to slow down.

Justin, a young doctor looking to rebuild his practice and reconnect his family, shows up in Star Creek. From the moment they meet, sparks fly. As they make fast friends, he’s immediately drawn to her big heart and effortless charm. It’s not long before Calla realizes he comes with more baggage than first meets the eye.

Offering a listening ear is easy. What will it take to trust him, in turn, with her secrets? Will their unreconciled pasts keep them from a bright future?  How will this season of hope help them find the joy in their own hearts?

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