By Michelle Wright

The Tempo of Kindness #1: The Tempo of Kindness

 Romance / 56 views


A struggling musician, Beau Levesque’s career in Vancouver comes to a halt when he travels to the small town of Pincher Creek for his grandpa’s funeral. Finding his widowed grandma left with next to nothing, he determines to help her out—somehow. Broke and dejected, he bonds with an injured crow. If that weren’t strange enough, he stumbles on an unexpected discovery.

Horticulturalist Kate Hamilton has inherited a successful flower shop and nursery. Her curiosity is piqued by Adelaide’s mopey grandson, his crow friend, and his mysterious investigation. With a summer’s worth of wedding jobs on her hands, she sees a way to help him.

Too proud to admit his need, yet too intrigued to push them away, Beau resigns himself to the attentions of Kate and the nosy crow. Inspired by Kate’s solid faith and his grandmother’s devotion, resignation turns to appreciation. Will he trust God and mend the old pieces of his life with the new? What other adventures await him?

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