By Michelle Wright

Finding Grace #2: Living in the Music

 Romance / 360 views / Popular


Three years after she first conceived the idea, well-known singer-songwriter Grace Taylor is running a successful music therapy school. Melody, her most troubled student, is in the therapy program for six months before Grace begins to see true progress. She’s shocked when an unexpected ultimatum is thrown her way. But with perseverance, Grace is up for the challenge.

Landing his first big budget film as cinematographer, Alex Foster is on the cusp of success. Suddenly on the same stage as famous movie stars, he realizes his own indie film work precedes him, throwing him in the limelight. With it comes hard work, long hours, and an unfortunate scandal.

It’s been almost four years since Grace and Alex first met and they’ve never been happier together. But the pressures of their separate ambitions and hapless mistakes leads them through rough terrain. Together, they can help each other achieve their goals. What will it take to overcome the strain on their relationship and move into a bright future?

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