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By Savanna Roberts

Tales of Nottingham, #3: Archeress

 Science Fiction / 120 views / Popular


She refuses to be the damsel in distress any longer.

Held hostage in Nottingham, Marion is interrogated for information about Robin Hood and his supporters. With the Sheriff’s influence crumbling, he’s willing to do whatever it takes to control the outcome of the war. But Marion is done being his pawn and she searches for a way to end his rule, once and for all.

Robin has fought the Sheriff of Nottingham his whole life, usually from a distance. But Marion being captured is the final straw. The war has to end — for her, for his friends, and for the realms. Even if it costs him his life.

In the thrilling conclusion to Tales of Nottingham, Robin, Marion, and the gang come together for one last stand against the tyrant of the realms. But every battle has a cost, and even old foes hide new secrets.

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