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By Bokerah Brumley

Lost in the Blur: A Post-Apocalyptic Novella

 Science Fiction / 214 views / Popular


⚠ Mothers Go To War… ⚠

When Leah Frakes discovers a wounded trespasser on her farm, she can’t bring herself to harm a defenseless man. While Leah doesn’t want to help Samuel survive, he soon makes himself more-than-useful, and she decides not to bury him in her compost pile.

Five months later, the local warlord, Eglon the Fat, traces Samuel to Leah’s home. Cruel Eglon issues an ultimatum to Samuel and kidnaps Leah’s adopted son in order to force Samuel’s compliance. Despite Leah’s pleas, Eglon drags the screaming boy away.

Though Leah blames Samuel for Eglon’s arrival, Leah has no choice but to trust Samuel to lead her into Eglon’s lair. It’s the only way she can save her son…

And nothing will stand in this mother’s way.

Join Leah’s fight in this post-apocalyptic world. Read now.

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