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By K.M. Carroll

The Celestial Fairytales books 1-3

 Science Fiction / 302 views / Popular


When humanity begins to explore the stars, they meet and clash with the alien Rox, fearsome horned humanoids. War rages for seven years with heavy casualties on both sides … until the humans and Rox decide to try to negotiate peace.

Song of the Rose: a Beauty and the Beast retelling. Zayn is a human political officer who agrees to become a hostage while peace talks begin between the humans and the Rox. She is to be cooped up in a lavish manor house on a remote moon with Alnair L’Nath, prince of the Rox kingship clan. But can these two people of vastly different races ever make peace with one another?

Of Stars and Ashes: a Cinderella retelling. Two years after the events of Song of the Rose, Rasha L’Cervantes has been subjected to forced labor along with the rest of their clan because of their rebellion. While working in a quarry, she is befriended by a young neurolite, the silicon-based lifeforms that grow into the Rox warships. Later, when Prince Kraz is desperately searching for the bonded pilot of this fully-grown frigate, Rasha must attend a ball in order to claim her ship–and the prince’s heart.

Fairer than Snow: A Snow White retelling. Justin Tiberius is a human medic aboard the salvage ship Parallax. When they recover a cryopod with a beautiful Rox girl inside, Justin finds himself plunged into the world of Rox politics, where to be voted the most beautiful is to be declared queen … or to be ruthlessly assassinated.

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