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By Savannah Jezowski

Timeless Nativity, Book 2: The Carpenter's Wife

 Christmas / 330 views / Popular


Rediscover the heart of the Nativity story in this sequel to The Innkeeper’s Wife.

After giving birth in a garage in the middle of a blizzard, Marian Carpenter thought life couldn’t possibly get more difficult. But almost a year later, her young husband still hasn’t found a better job. While Joe works erratic hours in the fast food industry, Marian finds herself alone in a studio apartment with only her little son for company. She longs to improve life for her struggling family, but with a baby at home, she isn’t sure what she can do.

When an unexpected blow arrives on Thanksgiving Day, Marian fears the holidays—and their future—are ruined forever, and she finds herself unable to confide in her husband. As miscommunication and fear rise between them, Joe and Marian’s marriage teeters dangerously. Old fears rise as they head to the Timeless Bed & Breakfast to celebrate Christmas with their friends. Can Marian overcome her fear of what God has planned for her future, and her family’s, before it’s too late?

This touching holiday novella explores the trials of unexpected pregnancy and the early years of marriage.

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