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By Scarlett Luna Strange

Tales From Sandy Shore, #3: The Pearl That Binds Me

 Fantasy / 226 views / Popular


She is a wild noblewoman desperate to restore her war ravaged land. He is an assassin sent to dispose of her and create havoc.

Elinor is one of the few remaining nobles in the lost kingdom of Andalia. Her ability to shapeshift often places her in the path of danger but she is determined to filter out the threat and restore her lands. Nursing a broken heart after the unrequited love she once felt for her future king, Mikkel, she assists in amassing the troops to prepare for war. She’s far too busy for matters of the heart anyway.

Kade works undercover as a soldier in the Reformed Andalian Army. He is assigned to watch Elinor despite his disdain toward all things noble. The secret mission to kill her becomes all the more complicated as they drift closer to one another. His ability to keep her at a distance is threatened when he realizes, he isn’t the only threat and there are more lives than just theirs at stake.

When Kade and Elinor lose themselves on opposite sides, will their connection be enough to break them free? Can they let go of their past or will it always bind them?

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