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By Helena Š. George

The Red War Annals #1: The Lost Bard of Taliyaven

 Fantasy / 174 views / Popular


A long-awaited war begins at last.

Alexei Golovkin’s plan to overthrow Arribor is set in motion, and the border is taken by fire and sword. Only one person stands in his way: Duren Akszenyuk, the mad captain of Arribor’s west band. Alexei sends out his silencer, a man trained to kill, to eliminate this final obstacle.

Ever since Blackburn spread lies about her past, no one has fully trusted Queen Nataŝa. Many even blame her for the war on the border. Desperate to clear her name and save her city, Nataŝa searches for the Telae—people with magic songs and fiery-red hair. But if they are truly gone forever, who will come to Arribor’s aid?

Zoya Zvonimira is the heir of Kazan Vyselki, but if the ancient sung-stone wall protecting her people continues to crumble, there won’t be anything to rule. Only a bard—a person with powerful gifts of speech—can unite Taliyaven to rebuild the wall. And Kazan Vyselki’s bard was lost many years ago, exiled by her own people for killing Zoya’s brother.

Masha is a maid for Princess Katarína—certainly no one important. Yet when she isn’t shunned for her bloodhair, people ask if she’s Telae. After multiple attempts on her life are made, she picks up the sword to protect herself. Little does she know she is about to become involved in a war nearly fifty years in the gathering.

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