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By Scarlett Luna Strange

Tales From Sandy Shore, #1: The Net That Holds Me

 Fantasy / 194 views / Popular


She is a princess with a love for the open skies. He is a prince with a longing for the sea. How could it not work out?

Sage is the youngest daughter of the king and queen of the Under Realm. A beautiful sea kingdom filled with peace and prosperity. But there is always something she desires more than her underwater life. When she stumbles upon a human walking on the mainland, her mind is filled with thoughts of dancing daydreams. Will her secret be her ruin though?

Elias is a prince in line to rule his throne. His days are spent learning how to lead and his nights are spent escaping to the seaside caves. When he spots a unique woman swimming under the waves, he throws aside all he knows to be with her. There’s only one secret he can’t tell her. How long can he hide it?

Yet there is something looming ahead that neither of them saw coming. A secret bigger than both of them. It’s sink or swim and it’s only a matter of time before they’ll drown.

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