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By Scarlett Luna Strange

Tales From Sandy Shore, #2: The Anchor That Weighs Me

 Fantasy / 237 views / Popular


He is a shapeshifter with a love for women and treasures. She is a flirt with no desire for love or a life under the sea.

Mikkel is a man always on the run. When he isn’t stealing to feed his pack of lost boys, he’s pursuing women for a good time. But then a certain mermaid breaks his heart after two years, and he’s determined to find out why. All while hiding his own identity and his role in the fallen Kingdom of Andalia.

Naja is a mermaid with many secrets. She escapes her royal life by sneaking around in the dark of night and returning with not a word to those around her. As she watches her sisters find true love and marry, she can’t tolerate commitment or what it brings her. She has to protect her family and that will always come at a cost.

Yet Mikkel and Naja find themselves on opposite sides when trouble weighs on them. The Andalian royal family may have perished years ago, but what will happen when Andalia comes knocking? The anchor has fallen but is the ship going down?

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