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By Scarlett Luna Strange

Autumn Fairy Tales, #3: Frey and the Icy Orchard

 Fantasy / 315 views / Popular


She is cursed to imprison others. He is captured by her curse. Can he melt her frozen heart or is it too late?

Frey is the darling Autumn Queen of Seasoria, a cozy village nestled in the mountains. Her life is filled with laughter, love, and the promise of many joyous years to come. At least so it seems from the outside.

What no one in her small village knows is that Frey is cursed with a frozen heart, a heart triggered by the change of seasons. She cannot speak or reveal this to anyone so she is left to wander the mountains every Changeday, taking the first person she can find and capturing them in her hidden castle.

Everything changes the day she captures her first love, the man who broke her heart, Kian. Frey feels joy at this victory. Although Kian knows who Frey really is, he also knows how to free her from this burden. After all, only love can melt a frozen heart.

What happens when the maiden is also the villain? Will Kian break the curse? Or will they be trapped for eternity?

“Frey and the Icy Orchard” is a retelling of the Snow Queen and is part of the “Autumn Fairy Tales,” a collection of eight cozy retellings of your favorite fairy tales. Each book can be enjoyed in any order, so grab a mug of apple cider and “fall” in love with the romance, pumpkin spice, and everything nice of these sweet and clean novellas!

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