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By Michelle Wright

Summer's End book #2: Autumn Seas

 Romance / 121 views / Popular


On a work-study program in Sardinia, studying marine biology and spending her days with sea creatures, Everly is living her best life. She is following the progress of expectant dolphin mothers, making new friends, and immersing into a new language.

Working with a marine life sanctuary, Everly embraces a world of discovery. But, with a pattern of mysterious happenings, she becomes suspicious. Determined to uncover the truth, she rallies her friends to help, although the path is unknown—even dangerous.

Following Everly to Sardinia is the best decision Kevin’s ever made. Not only does it keep him close to his girlfriend, but living on the Mediterranean, he makes a life of sea diving and saltwater research. An unfortunate incident becomes the catalyst of open wounds from the past. Faced with unexpected challenges, he now has a choice to make.

Each at a soul-searching crossroad, can their bond and their faith hold them together? How will they navigate the waters of this new adventure? And what awaits them on the other side?

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