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By Jes Drew

Embrace of Shadows

 Fantasy / 261 views / Popular

Some things last longer than memory . . . Beauty & the Beast meets Hades & Persephone in the first installment of this no-spice quartet.

She’s a mortal with no memories.
As her fae liege, he knows only that he must protect her.
But is he her hero . . . or her captor?

Salma knows only her own name. She doesn’t even remember why she’s ill. Then a fae lord who claims he knows her snatches her back to his manor, and she learns that some things are more sinister than death. Like the Court of Dusk where everyone seems to know more about her than she does and nightfall is a deadly affair.

Adom’s book of truth tells him that the woman he doesn’t recognize is a vital member of his household. But the Manor keeps its secrets well, even from its own master. And even the Shadows seem to want the beautiful, mortal nuisance he has pledged to protect.

As the threat of an invasion from night itself continues to mount, Adom knows there will be consequences if he can’t protect her. And Salma wonders if she can trust him to protect her from himself. Because sometimes Adom isn’t the begrudging, aloof fae he appears to be. Sometimes he’s someone— or perhaps something— else.

The beginning of a haunting, slow-burn, no-spice fae romance with elements of Beauty & the Beast, Hades & Persephone, and Egyptian mythology. Perfect for fans of Scarlett St Clair’s Greek retellings and Sylvia Mercedes’s gothic romance.

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