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By Jes Drew

Kiss of Unraveling

 Fantasy / 226 views / Popular


She has been summoned to bargain with Death.
He must remain by her side or perish.
The King of the Duat is rising for them both.

Salma has been summoned back to Egypt by her sister as the only one with whom Death will bargain. In order to work around her curse, Adom must accompany her, though he must remain in the dark about the true reason why, and who he truly is to her. The Death waiting for them, though, is not who they expected. Suddenly, they find themselves tossed into a game of wits between forces far greater than they are, with mortal and fae lives hanging in the balance.

Adom is on the brink of losing himself completely to the Voice in his head. One anchor keeps him grounded to reality, the woman whom he must now pretend to be a servant to. Though the proximity to his minstrel, with her temptations and secrets, would drive him insane if he were not already. But he must remain strong, for more than just his soul is in the balance. With Hades trying to raise an army of the dead to conquer every realm, only a dangerous game of bargains can raise up allies against him.

Torn between a forgotten marriage to the man she loves and a dark betrothal to a creature she fears, Salma is determined to fight for her freedom. But that freedom comes at a cost, one only the Storyteller in the tower knows, and one only he can pay . . . if he so chooses. Some kisses are poison. And some make you wish they were.

The continuation of the slow-burn, no-spice fae romance with elements of Eros and Psyche, 1001 Nights, and Egyptian mythology. Perfect for fans of Scarlett St Clair’s Greek retellings and Sylvia Mercedes’s gothic romance.

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