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By Josie Riviera

Holiday Hearts Volume 4

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Experience the magic of the holidays with this collection of three sweet, clean, and wholesome romances. These stories are filled with delightful characters and celebrate the joy, blessings, and true meaning of Christmas.★★

This collection includes the following 3 books:

A Christmas Puppy To Cherish (Inspirational)
You don’t need ears to hear God’s plan. All you need is an open heart…

Music of both birds and harmonicas fills Max’s life, but it’s the near-silent forest guide he meets in Cherish, SC, who captures his attention. Small and slim, pretty Sarah’s smiles and graceful hands speak louder than her voice. In fact, she’s so quiet, he’s not sure he’s made much of an impression. But with her, he can imagine making this temporary stopover into something permanent.
Sarah has found a comfortable niche in Cherish, working miracles with plants, arranging flowers for church, and taking in stray animals. In fact, her house is so full, she’s not sure she can say yes to the Sheriff’s plea to take in one more puppy for Christmas.
Max has definitely captured her interest, and he shares her love of nature. But maybe she should take in that puppy after all, because a ball of fur that needs her will fill the empty space in her heart when Max’s research sends him off looking for bluer skies.

A Chocolate-Box Christmas Wish
He’s been all over the world. She’s a home-town girl. Can a holiday wish bridge the gap?

In Cora Carpenter’s small California hometown, Christmas is tailor-made for couples.
Unfortunately, Cora is a party of one, thanks to a con man who stole her heart, then bilked her out of thousands of dollars.
A double whammy of betrayal and a broken heart sent anchorman Patrick Gervez thousands of miles west looking for a fresh start. But the pretty child care provider’s unforgettable amber eyes and deft hand with a set of jumper cables does funny things to his heart—and makes him wonder if she’s a forgotten dream come true.
Except she’s as skittish as a piece of tinsel in a windstorm. And the only way to help her forget her heartbreak, is to convince her to forgive. Especially herself.

A Chocolate-Box Irish Wedding
A woman who wanted more. A man who wanted her. Can they rediscover their love in the seaside town where it all began?

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