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By J F Rogers

The Smeraldo Flower

 Fantasy / 221 views / Popular


The Truth Untold revealed…

In sixteenth-century Italy, seventeen-year-old Carola’s family is on the verge of becoming destitute. So, when her family is offered funds for Carola to travel far into the mountains in northern Italy to paint a rare flower, she can’t refuse.

Little did she realize she’d be trapped with a masked recluse in the middle of nowhere.

But if Carola can survive her time in the rundown castle with Soren—the hideous man who may or may not be a psychotic murderer—it will all be worth it.

And if she can get Soren to stop hiding behind his mask, all the better…

Beauty and the Beast meets the Phantom of the Opera in the Secret Garden in this a retelling of the Italian folktale—La Citta di Smeraldo, inspired by BTS’s song “The Truth Untold.”

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