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By J F Rogers

The Cursed Lands #1: The King's Curse

 Fantasy / 275 views / Popular


Can one girl free a kingdom from the king’s curse?

Adopted Colleen never fit in to her realm, and an aching in her soul tells her there’s somewhere she truly belongs. But when she uncovers part of her elfin heritage and scrambles through the megalith following the persistent draw, she’s not prepared for the world she encounters.

The king has cursed the people into believing he’s God—not a god, the God.

Now, she’d give anything to return home. To safety.

But the real God who is being impersonated doesn’t call her to play it safe. There’s an antidote. Some are already free and want to free everyone, and they need her.

In this world where little is familiar, will she turn her back on everyone, including God? Or will she risk her life for strangers?

If you enjoy strange worlds where nothing is as it seems—with doomed elves, deceptive fae, playful dragons, and other unusual creatures and gadgets, in a so-called utopia wrought with mental warfare—join Colleen in this Christian steampunk-fantasy mash-up, the first installment of J F Rogers’s Cursed Lands trilogy.

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