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By J F Rogers

The Cursed Lands #2: The Witch's Curse

 Fantasy / 234 views / Popular


Colleen must face her fears to free those under the witch’s curse… or remain trapped in her nightmare forever.

Colleen helped free the people from the King’s Curse. Now they blame her. Few want to see her on the throne. Most want her dead. She must flee to Seelie Clos to seek Queen Rhiannon’s help.

But that means crossing the Divide…

Without wards…

Once inside, all fall prey to the witch’s curse. The only way out is to kill her. Many have tried. None have succeeded.
But if they fail, they’ll remain trapped in the Divide forever.

If you enjoy strange worlds where nothing is as it seems—with doomed elves, deceptive fae, playful dragons, and other unusual creatures, in a frightening world where you can’t trust what you see—join Colleen in this Christian fantasy, the second installment of J F Rogers’s Cursed Lands trilogy.

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