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By Savanna Roberts

Tales of Nottingham, #2: Merry Men

 Science Fiction / 234 views / Popular


Hunted by the Merry Men. Shunned by her only friends.

With Robin Hood in hiding, Marion fights to thwart the Sheriff and prove she’s on Robin Hood’s side. The sooner she atones for her mistakes, the sooner she can learn Robin’s location, reuniting with the man who liberated her…and stole her heart.

But when Marion and Robin Hood are finally reunited, Robin and the gang still reel from her betrayal, unsure of who to trust or if they can go on. And when Marion’s arrival brings mercenaries to their door, her atonement may not be enough.

In the continuation of the Tales of Nottingham, Marion and Robin fight to find their way back to each other. But in the face of untimely danger, trust may not be a luxury they can afford.

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