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By Michelle Wright

Finding Grace #4: Touched by a Song

 Romance / 211 views / Popular


In the wake of unfortunate events, Ronen has given up on music and every good thing it’s ever brought into his life. As if that weren’t enough to make him a failure and a disappointment, his situation takes a downward turn. One fateful action has him placed into a community service role.

Melody takes pride in running after-school music for mental health programs for disadvantaged youth. When she and Ronen are thrown together, his reluctance isn’t the only giant they face. Melody has a blast from the past that opens fresh wounds.

After a rocky beginning, they soon learn there’s more than meets the eye. As they form an unlikely friendship, Melody begins to realize how much Ronen has to offer. If only he could let go of the secrets of his past.

Ronen has spent too long being angry with God and with himself. Now faced with this new challenge, where will he go from here? And what about him and Melody—will their bond be enough, and will their faith keep it strong?

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