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By Savannah Jezowski

When Ravens Fall Short Story: Wand of Deception

 Fantasy / 276 views / Popular


What waits in the deep is nothing compared to what lies within.

Once again, Loki and his friends find themselves on the shores of a dangerous new adventure. In order to prove his worth to Signe’s father, Loki and Tosk venture into a dark sea cave in search of an ancient relic. But there are things he has not been told and what awaits him in the darkness is much more dangerous–and much more personal–than he ever imagined. There is no way around the choice laid before him: Give up the girl he loves or let her be destroyed by the darkness within.

This short story was previously published in Fool’s Honor by Twenty Hills Publishing. The When Ravens Fall Series is clean fun for the whole family. Join Loki and his friends as they break curses, battle monsters, and learn valuable life lessons in this fantasy adventure series inspired by fairy tales and Norse mythology.

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