By Mary Mecham

Ugly: The Stepsister's Story

 Romance / 339 views / Popular


You probably know me as the younger ugly stepsister. The foolish stepsister. The girl who was so jealous of Cinderella’s charm and beauty that I forced her to dress in rags and do all the chores while my mother and sister and I did nothing, sitting in our rooms all day while Cinderella slaved away to serve us. But that is not at all what happened.

No one ever remembers that it wasn’t just Cinderella’s father who died. Mine did too. No one asks why I am considered ugly or remembers that I fell in love with Prince Curtis years before that fateful night at the ball. No one wonders what my family was doing while Cinderella was cleaning. But I am here to tell you. I am the ugly stepsister, and this is my story.

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