By Mary Mecham

Poisoned: Snow White's Story

 Romance / 293 views / Popular


A poisoned apple and true love’s first kiss were only the beginning to Snow White’s story…

After a handsome prince swoops in to save the day, Snow can’t help but feel like something is still missing in her life. She begins to wonder if “happily ever after” really exists, because what she is experiencing certainly isn’t the idyllic life she imaged a princess would have. With each passing day, Snow feels an increasing desire to escape the pressures of the castle and return to the brothers who live in the cottage in the woods.

Snow adores the youngest of the brothers, who cannot speak and has an inexplicable, infectious joy about him. Oliver’s grouchy caregiver doesn’t want anyone to get close to their family, and continually rebuffs Snow’s kindness. Snow can only hope that the unlikely friendship of these two brothers will be the key to unlocking her heart and happiness.

This retelling of the classic fairy tale, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, continues the story far beyond the supposed “happily ever after” and explores the value of friendships as Snow discovers the innate worth every person has, regardless of ability level.

If you enjoy clean romance, sweet friendships and disability inclusion, then this book is for you. This young adult fairy tale retelling is a standalone story.

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