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By Sara Whitley

The Hope on the Horizon Series, #1: Another Ending

 Contemporary / 179 views / Popular


Is Molly willing to cross the one line she swore she never would to put her shattered life back together again?

Molly Taylor’s never had a problem trusting God, and she’s got Tanner Walters to thank for that. Best friends since kindergarten, Tanner’s faithfully walked by her side through all life’s ups and downs. And he’s been biding his time, too, waiting for just the right moment to ask Molly to take the next big step with him.


Before he can make his move, though, Jason Moore returns to town, stealing Molly’s heart—and Tanner’s chances. As their relationship blossoms, so do Tanner’s fears. There’s just something about Jason that doesn’t sit right with him.

He’s dangerous.

Something Molly doesn’t realize until after he derails her life in a single night.

Ashamed, Molly buries the truth of what happened that night and does her best to get her life back on track—with Tanner this time. As she slowly begins to heal, one final, stinging betrayal ushers in a new realization for Molly.

That healing from what Jason did to her isn’t possible, especially not at the hands of a God who didn’t protect her from him in the first place. So, she sets off in search of healing apart from Him.

What will it take for Molly to turn around and face her darkness—and the God who’s followed her into that darkness, beckoning her out?

Fans of Karen Kingsbury will love this gripping story of first love, heart wrenching loss, and redemption at the foot of the cross.


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