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By Sara Whitley

The Hope on the Horizon Series, #3: A New Day Dawning

 Contemporary / 235 views / Popular


The one person Molly never wanted to see again is back…and he’s asking for forgiveness.

Molly Taylor is no stranger to storms.

But she’d sure appreciate if the sunshine stuck around for a bit.

With Tanner back in her life now, this time for keeps, Molly’s confident that there’s nothing but sunny skies ahead. Until an unexpected diagnosis at her baby’s twenty-week anatomy scan threatens to blot out that sun, that is. While nothing could change the love Molly has for her baby, she’s not sure she’s strong enough to step into another storm.

Then the perfect distraction blows in—guiding a young waitress Molly works with through an unplanned pregnancy. Fulfilled and finally on board with God’s version of her happily-ever-after, Molly is knocked to her knees when sudden tragedy strikes. Just when she thinks things couldn’t possibly get any worse, Molly receives a phone call from the one person she banked on never seeing or hearing from again—Jason Moore. And while jarring, it reminds Molly that she isn’t the one to blame for all she’s been through over the years.

Jason is.

And there’s no way she can forgive him like he asks her to.

Can Molly do this impossible task God is asking of her, or will she let her anger enclose her in a prison of bitterness?

The heart-warming conclusion to The Hope on The Horizon Series

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