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By RosaLinda Diaz

Bee Stings: A Classic Chick-Lit, Love Triangle Novel

 Contemporary / 284 views / Popular


Poppy has it all figured out…until a charming baker turns her world upside down. 

Can they whip a recipe for romance that defies the odds? 

After months of buzzing around 4 & 20 bakery Poppy finally catches Michael’s attention, too bad it’s while she’s drunk off her, ahem…class. So much for keeping up the appearance of a professional fourth-grade teacher.

Michael is instantly enchanted and before considering the consequences, he decides to teach Poppy a thing or two…in the kitchen and insists she joins his beginner’s baking class.

There are just two issues: it’s an after-school baking class for children…, and he’s married. Now Poppy’s fighting her instincts, which let’s be honest, still want to spend an insane amount of time with Michael.

Despite their sticky predicament, Poppy and Michael can’t fight their sizzling attraction.

When reality threatens to pop their bubble, will Poppy succumb to the sweetest temptation, or will their budding romance leave her stung?

If you love romantic comedies that bring all the feels, then you’ll adore Bee Stings.

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