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By Sara Whitley

The Hope on the Horizon Series, #2: An Open Window

 Contemporary / 248 views / Popular


Can Molly let go of her dreams to take ahold of the plans God has for her?

After three years searching for healing from a life-shattering trauma, Molly Taylor finally found it in the one place she swore she never would.

In God.

And she’s ready to step into whatever future He has in store for her.

A future that no longer includes the one person she assumed it always would—Tanner Walters. Devastated he didn’t wait for her during her lost years, Molly throws herself into her continued healing, determined to move on with someone new. But as she watches her family and friends find their happily-ever-afters around her, Molly can’t help but wonder if her past mistakes disqualify her from finding her own.

Until Tyler Sanderson comes knocking on her door.

Cautiously optimistic that happily-ever-after is possible, Molly begins writing the next chapter of her life, forgetting one crucial detail.

She isn’t the one holding the pencil.

God is.

And when it becomes clear He’s writing a very different story than the one Molly has in mind, suddenly she’s not so sure she can follow Him wherever it is He’s leading her.

Will Molly keep the window of her heart open to God’s plan, or will she wrestle for control and slam the window shut?

Fans of Karen Kingsbury will love this tear-jerking sequel of lost love, heartbreaking sacrifice, and second chances through Christ alone.

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