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By Perry Elisabeth Kirkpatrick

The Accidental Cases of Emily Abbott, #8: Fair in War

 Mystery / 220 views / Popular


She expected popcorn and cheap prizes — not a front-row seat to crime and conspiracy…

When Brent’s brother Carter, unexpectedly arrives in Phoenix bearing important intel, Brent disappears into their world of espionage and world-saving, leaving Emily feeling left out. Telling herself she doesn’t really belong in their world anyway, she determines to enjoy her afternoon at the state fair with Izzy.

But as she sees more and more familiar faces in the crowds and among the vendors, and when Izzy is arrested by security on trumped-up charges, it becomes clear something more is going on. She’s never been happier to accidentally run into Brent Peterson, but finding Izzy might come down to her own determination more than either of them expect.

“The Accidental Cases of Emily Abbott” is a series of clean spy-comedies set in Phoenix, Arizona.

Season 1:
1. Red Rover, Red Rover
2. Plan to Fail
3. Bad Things, Small Packages
4. Tutor, Nanny, Spit-Up, Spy
5. A-Spying We Will Go
6. Once Upon a Dime

Season 2:
7. Five Star Spy
8. Fair in War

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