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By Denver Evans

Shallows, #3: Legends

 Fantasy / 255 views / Popular


An unwanted adventure. A mysterious enemy. A breathtaking sacrifice.

Emerson has plans. Plans to stay in his cozy workshop and work in peace as autumn and winter pass. Plans to work hard enough to distract himself from Saria Beggley’s absence. Plans of becoming a successful inventor in order to… well, he’s not thought that all the way through.

But all of his plans are ripped away in one evening when Elton Thorne returns from a quest and unwittingly brings dangerous pursuers straight to the Kadwells’ door.

Kidnapped from his home and catapulted into an adventure he didn’t ask for, Emerson enlists Saria and Coral to heal Ianthe Brighthelm’s mind. Perhaps she will know who’s pursuing them and why. An unfinished invention is waiting for him at home, and he can’t wait to return to the quiet sanctuary of his workshop.

But the danger is larger than Emerson could have guessed, not only to him and those he loves, but to the island chain he calls home. An ancient enemy is plotting across the sea, and he means to take everything–even Emerson’s very identity–from the one young man who has unwittingly thwarted him at every turn.

Legends is a clean YA fantasy novel with elements of paranormal and romance. It is the last book in the series.

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