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By Denver Evans

Shallows, #2: Phantoms

 Fantasy / 274 views / Popular


Being captured by pirates wasn’t part of the plan. And they’ve never met pirates like these…

After his adventure with the mermaids, Emerson is happy to get back to normal life, and he is thrilled that his days often include visits from pretty Saria Beggley. Not all is right with the world, however. Pirates have begun terrorizing ships around the eastern islands in the chain; and ships, sailors, and even passengers are going missing every day.

Blown off course by a freak storm, Emerson and Saria are captured. They discover the pirates are not what they thought—even moreso the feared Pirate King responsible for it all. When a legendary phantom ship shows up in Cayan waters, the mysterious crew enlists Emerson’s help in stopping the ever-expanding menace of the pirates.

As Emerson’s feelings for Saria begin to blossom, he wants nothing more than to see her safely home to Chadwick. But the only way to safety for any of them is by thwarting the plans of the Pirate King.

Phantoms is a clean YA fantasy novel with elements of paranormal and romance. It is the second in a series. Please note that while it is a complete story, there are some unanswered questions that lead into book three.

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