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By C.E. Stone

Starganauts, #3: Defector

 Science Fiction / 188 views / Popular


In the betrayal of one lies the salvation of many.

Months have passed since Grunn’s devastating war. While clearing its rubble, Samantha Harris receives disturbing news: the end of the Starganauts is coming. The team embarks on a mission to protect a village from raiding Cybrium space pirates, and Samantha’s worst fears are confirmed.

Eight leave. Only seven return. Bereft of a crewmate, Samantha leads them on a personal quest across the galaxy to save one of their own. There’s just one problem. Her obsession with control could be their downfall and forces Sharko into a leadership crisis.

After a mission goes wrong, one of the Starganauts is kidnapped by the merciless Cybrium. Yet their leader proves enigmatic and surprising. When he asks for help, the Starganaut must make an agonizing choice. The fact he’s beginning to sympathize with his captor hardly helps, either.

Journey into the unknown reaches of the Gorvan Galaxy as the Starganauts seek to rescue their teammate…before he can betray them.

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