By Allison Tebo, Tor Thibeaux, Al Thibeaux, Jaq Thibeaux

Worlds Of Adventure - Issue 1

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Fall into seven tales of speculative wonder in this new e-zine from T Spec Fiction.

Whether it’s the tingling confrontation of gunslingers and robots, the rip-roaring escapades of dwarvish jet troopers, or the misadventures of two Victorian ladies on the planet Venus, T Spec’s first issue has a story for everyone.


Rendezvous: A middle-aged and utterly bored government worker defects to the West in the hopes that something exciting will finally happen to him.

One Last Shot:  Science fiction meets Wild West in this piece of captivating flash fiction. A young woman faces off in a tense confrontation with a killer robot who stands in her way of freedom for her and her alien companion.

The Queen’s Cure:  When an ancient and proud land is invaded by mechanical monsters, an ancient scribe details the events of the war and the legendary exploits of his country’s warrior queen.

Treachery Aboard The Nautilus: In a reimaging of 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, a teenage assistant of Professor Aronax realizes there is treachery afoot onboard the Nautilus, and it’s up to him and Ned Land to stop it.

Seven Strong:  In a thrilling steampunk retelling of Snow White, former dwarf jet troopers work together to save a girl from her villainous stepmother.

Raid On The Zone — Part 1:  A young girl living in an oil field struggles to fight off feral marauders with the help of her animal companions.

The Trent-Featherstone Journals:  Victorian sensibilities meet space colonization in the adventure of two young woman who team up to hunt tyrannosaurus rex in the steaming jungles of Mars.


CONTENT GUIDE: This is an e-zine dedicated to clean fiction, so there is no sex, swearing, or gore. All stories are rated PG for action and peril and thematic elements. SEVEN STRONG, receive a mild PG-13 rating. The main character has PTSD and there is more violence (blasters and grenades are heavily used, but no blood or gore is ever used and 99 percent of the violence is committed against robots). 

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