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By Faith Blum

Paul's Skeptical Bride

 Romance / 175 views / Popular


When a cat causes a horrible mixup…

Pastor Paul Buchanan is told he needs a wife and soon or he would lose his church. After much prayer, he decides to look. With no eligible women in Austin, TX, he writes to a mail order bride matchmaker.

Ellie Simpson’s parents died five years ago and she has been struggling ever since. She needs to get out of Philadelphia, preferably to a small town. She writes to a mail order matchmaker with only three stipulations: he can’t be a drunk, a pastor, or too much older than her.

After they meet it soon comes out that they are not compatible in the least and they choose to be friends, but no more. When Paul’s cousin, Conrad, comes to town and appears to be exactly what Ellie is looking for, Paul has to deal with his jealousy and figure out why he is jealous.

Will Ellie find what she is looking for? Can Paul keep his church or will the elders throw him out?

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