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By Nadine C. Keels

Heartstrings: A Christmas So Real

 Romance / 297 views / Popular


A sweet holiday love story

“She turned the key between his heartstrings, and walked into her dream…”

Nearly twenty years after a painful separation, singer-songwriter Nikkita Creighton has a glorious reunion with the man whose heart she calls home. Yet, when she senses his earnest plan for a major step in their relationship, Nikkita puts a pause on it. She’s only partly sure why.

But it isn’t long before he presents her with an early Christmas gift. A gift that brings a chance for Nikkita to give of herself—in one of the best ways she’s ever known how. Now, her giving experience may help clear the pathway to the next step in her new season of love.

You can enjoy A Christmas So Real on its own, or start earlier on in Nikkita’s journey with We Were Real.

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