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By Cece Louise

Forest Tales, #3: Mazarine

 Fantasy / 182 views / Popular


A missing princess trapped as a mermaid. A disgraced prince running from his past. A deal that will change their lives forever.

Princess Marilee is cursed. A mermaid by day and a human by night, she made a fateful decision that has left her trapped between two worlds.

Disgraced Prince Darius is as good as dead. At least, that’s what he wants everyone to think when he’s thrown overboard from a prison ship.

When Marilee and Darius meet, they reluctantly make a deal—Darius will help Marilee return to her family in exchange for enough money so he can disappear forever.

A doomed woman and a condemned man. Can they find redemption, or will they be lost to an unforgiving sea?

An enemies-to-lovers Little Mermaid retelling perfect for fans of To Kill a Kingdom!

Author’s Note: Mazarine is a standalone book, so it can be read at any point in the Forest Tales series.

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