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By Cece Louise

Forest Tales, #2: The Jabberwocky Princess

 Fantasy / 259 views / Popular


He thinks she’s peculiar. She thinks he’s a joke. They’re about to discover that nothing is what it seems.

Kainda is the daughter of a disgraced monster hunter. She longs to use the hunting skills her father taught her, but kitchen maids don’t get to have adventures—especially not a girl everyone thinks is crazy.

That is until devil-may-care Prince Ander enlists her help in defeating a monster troubling a nearby kingdom. As irresponsible as he is charming, Ander won’t let this opportunity to prove himself slip away—especially with a politically advantageous marriage to a beautiful princess on the line.

When Kainda and Ander join forces, they soon realize that what they’re fighting for and where their hearts lie may be at odds. Can they defeat the mysterious monster, or will duty, riddles, and secrets be their undoing?

Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s poem “Jabberwocky,” this standalone read is perfect for fans of clean romance, suspense, and fairy tales!

Author’s Note: The Jabberwocky Princess is a standalone book, so it can be read at any point in the Forest Tales series.

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