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By Abigail Manning

The Emerald Realm, #2: Bearly Free: A Retelling of Goldilocks and the Three Bears

 Fantasy / 222 views / Popular


A runaway bride finds her way into an abandoned manor…
A Retelling of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Lady Aurelia Lockly has finally turned sixteen and hopes that her parents may finally loosen the reins on her position as a proper lady. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case; instead of gaining respect, she gains an arranged marriage with a complete stranger. Despite Aurelia’s lack of consent, her parents pursue the engagement, anyway. After all, it would benefit the family business fabulously
Not wanting to be forced into the role of a pretentious wife, Aurelia makes a run for it. Luckily enough, she comes across an abandoned estate that would be perfect for hiding in… That is, it would be, if it was actually abandoned.
Can Aurelia escape without being sent back home? Or will her mysterious new hosts send her running for other reasons? With the aid of a young lord and a rather fluffy new companion, Aurelia will hide, race, and fight her way to freedom. But can she escape what she was born into?

This book can be enjoyed as a standalone, but is best enjoyed when read in order due to potential spoilers.
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