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By RosaLinda Diaz

Falling for the Firefighter - an enemies to lovers sweet rom-com

 Romance / 232 views / Popular


An arrogant fireman, a frazzled teacher, and the kids who need someone to believe in them.

Will they get a second chance to salvage their horrendous first impression?

Fifteen minutes into first period Delilah’s classroom is on fire, the whole school is evacuated, and it’s her fault.

Add in the hot firefighter accusing her of being incompetent and she’s had about the worst start to the school year imaginable.

Now she’s assigned lunch detention with her students for the rest of the semester…unless they can create an awesome science project for the Fall Festival—in six weeks.

She’s trying to put the whole ordeal in the past, but it’s impossible when the arrogant fireman turns out to be the barista in Clifton’s only fancy coffee shop. He also makes sinfully delicious lattes.

The thing is, Delilah didn’t need a hero on the first day of school, but she does now.

Just when Delilah thought she has Brad pegged as the cocky know-it-all, the hot fireman starts showing her an unexpected, sweet side. Like when he volunteers to help her students build their pumpkin launcher, or how he always has her specialty latte waiting when she’s running late, which is daily.

Brad seems determined to come to her rescue.
Is Delilah ready to let him?

You’ll drink up this clean small town romance because it’s as sweet as your favorite pumpkin spice latte.

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