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By RL Diaz

Gray Mist Soldiers

 Historical Fiction / 264 views / Popular


A runaway, a mysterious pocket watch, and the realm beyond time. 

Can a twist of fate change the past?

The gray mist soldiers’ struggle is never-ending, their peace never realized, their atonement eternal…or is it?

They’ve spent 160 years fighting an endless war, unable to pass into the next life until eleven-year-old Peter Taylor unearths an antique timepiece and becomes the newest captive of the mist.

Will he be able to return home?

Disoriented and frightened, Peter narrowly escapes catastrophe when he’s rescued by four soldiers of the mist. As these men become a surrogate family, an unbreakable bond forms – but Peter doesn’t belong in their world.

What dangers await him if he stays?

If you enjoyed The Neverending Story, you’ll loveGray Mist Soldiers. Join Peter on a harrowing journey into an unknown world full of secrets.

Lexile Score: 740L

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