By Bree Livingston


 Romance / 380 views / Popular

He’s assigned to get close to her. She’s an unwitting pawn.

When a notorious human trafficker is set free on a technicality, undercover agent Noah Wolf sets his sights on the cybersecurity expert working for the crime ring. While Mia Milan has a clean record, the inside knowledge she is in possession of could be enough to put her boss permanently behind bars. It’s up to Noah to get close to her and convince her to turn state’s evidence. Yet the more he learns about the beautiful tech genius the more dangerous the case becomes.

Mia Milan was checking items off bucket list as she drove to Miami after being hired to install security software. Now, she’s caught between her client’s seedy empire and the man desperate to stop human trafficking. Will the lies destroy any chance for a future? Or will truth prove strong enough to weather the deception?

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