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By C. R. Kelchner

Life Like Stars

 Romance / 51 views


Nastia is a beautiful Christian woman in the prime of her life. Many attractive admirers chased her in college, but she turned them all down because they did not share her beliefs. Now she’s on a new adventure to Washington, D.C., to live with her best friend Lauren. At least, that’s what she thinks.

During the flight, Nastia meets Anton, a handsome athlete fresh out of graduate school. It’s not simply his history of playing football that draws Nastia to him, nor his bright smile and muscular physique. No, it’s his character—his sweet, caring nature. Anton is a dream come true. But there’s a major problem; he is an atheist.

One night, when Nastia returns to her apartment, two angels visit in the forms of a red bird and a blue tiger. The news they tell her will turn her world upside down.

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