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By Helena Š. George

The Red War Annals #2: The Red Bard of Roche

 Fantasy / 199 views / Popular


Failure is not an option.

Masha Oravcová is only going to Llenned because she promised the princezná she would stay with her until the war was over. Matchmaking the enemy princ with her dear friend was not part of her job description, but now the peace of the High Houses depends on it. If Llenned’s offer of marriage isn’t a trap, that is.

Ever since Duren escaped from Rejair, Barys has struggled to regain his honor as the warden. A chance is offered to him that he can’t refuse—capture the Arriborn princezná and ignite the truce into bloodshed yet again. An unbeaten wordsmith, he is confident that his time has finally come to better his name.

Taliyaven has been united at last, and the wall sung back to full strength. Or so Zoya Zvonimira thought. After fighting in Arribor, she returns home to find the lady of Bran Vyselki has taken control in the name of unity. Gathering the few Talinae loyal to her, Zoya prepares to wage another war.

His master has given him a final task: capture Masha and take her to Rejair. Trained as a silencer, Dmitriy has the needed skills, but he did not expect to encounter packs of jackals, the black sword of Duren Akszenyuk, and kindness from the most unexpected places. The fate of the war now rests in a slave’s fearful decision.

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